Protein for gaining muscle mass is an indispensable sports supplement. Protein causes the following effects:

allows you to achieve faster muscle growth;
replenishes energy reserves, especially spent after training, promotes faster recovery of the body;
slows down catabolic processes


Protein is a building material for muscles and the growth of the latter without a sufficient amount of protein is simply impossible. It is quite difficult to get enough protein from food, since in this case you will have to eat a lot of meat, cottage cheese and legumes. Therefore, the ideal option for an athlete is a protein shake, which is quickly prepared, easy to drink and gives the desired result.

There are different types of protein for the mass:
Of all the variety, it is important to understand what is the best protein for weight gain and how it works.

Whey protein refers to fast proteins, is the best value for money. It comes in two types: isolate and concentrate. The isolate is more expensive, the protein content in it reaches 97%, about 90% of the additive is absorbed in three hours. Concentrate is a cheaper option, it has a lower degree of purification, up to 10% of the concentrate contains lactose and fats, everything else is protein. The process of protein assimilation takes about 3-4 hours.

Casein is a slow protein, so its use is advisable only before bedtime. Meat protein has a high cost, but at the same time its effectiveness is not higher than whey isolate.

Egg — a high rate of assimilation, but a high price, inferior in all respects to whey protein.

Soy protein is the worst digested of all types and has the lowest efficiency. Its only advantage is its low cost. This option is suitable for athletes who have lactose intolerance. A multicomponent supplement consists of a combination of several types of protein.

Thus, it is believed that the most optimal protein for muscle growth is whey isolate, or its budget version, concentrate.


To get the best result, you definitely need to understand how to use protein to gain muscle mass. Recommendations for the use of protein are as follows:

A cocktail is prepared from a dry mixture. To do this, use milk or juice, in extreme cases — water. The liquid in which the protein will be diluted should be warm, but not hot, otherwise the protein will curdle. Low-fat milk increases the value of the supplement, so if you have a normal tolerance for this product, mix protein powder with it;
you should not drink the daily allowance of the supplement at one time. The powder should be divided into 1-3 receptions, and a single serving of the cocktail should be about 250 grams;
taking protein shakes will be effective only in combination with proper nutrition and training, otherwise you will not see the result;
a single dose of protein should not be more than 30 grams, since this is the amount that the body is able to assimilate at a time;
the finished cocktail should be stored no longer than 3-4 hours without a refrigerator or for 5-6 hours in the cold. With longer shelf life, the cocktail may begin to ferment and bacteria appear in it, the effect of the protein itself does not decrease significantly, but problems with the gastrointestinal tract may arise.
Pay attention! From food sources, 50% of protein should enter the body, and the other half of it can be obtained from protein shakes.

To get the maximum effect, it is recommended to take protein four or five times a day:

the first reception will be in the morning, after sleep. During this period of time, the sports supplement fills the body with essential amino acids and inhibits catabolism;
before training. For this reception, it is best to use an isolate, it refers to fast proteins and promptly saturates your body with the necessary elements for productive work in the gym;
after training. In order to achieve a speedy recovery of the body after classes, it is recommended to drink a portion of protein, in this case it can be with carbohydrates, for example, mixed with juice;
before going to bed. Muscles should receive their "nutrition" at night, therefore, before going to bed, casein is best suited, since it belongs to slow proteins;
the fifth meal is possible at will, between meals.

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